IPX-557 Help my neighbor no longer have to masturbate

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This year I'm over 20 years old, working with a stable income because I'm still alone, living in a small apartment on the outskirts of the city. With friendly neighbors, including my neighbor I secretly love Minami Aizawa day and night. Minami Aizawa is a cute and beautiful girl who made me fall in love at first sight. I know for sure that she also has feelings for me, but she's a woman so she's shy. confessed first. Every day I fantasize about having sex with her. She also lives alone like me but most of the time I only see her at home, because she lives next door. for a long time, so every holiday I would bring her a gift. Suddenly one day when we were playing at home, she, in a fit of love, grabbed me and caressed my body. As if by instinct, I kissed her lips. caressed that naked body again, and then whatever happened, she and I had a wonderful time together, but it didn't stop there, she had a pretty high sex drive, so almost every day. They all invited me over so we could blend together =)).