WAAA-295 Sister-in-law's happiness

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Since my brother married his sister-in-law Yayoi Mizuki, my life has changed from the dark color of a young man addicted to dark movies to a bright, happy color filled with love. That's right, after my sister-in-law accidentally discovered that I was watching a porn movie and I also secretly looked at her pretty little butterfly, feelings began to develop between us. It happened. One night my brother was on a business trip. Because he was afraid of ghosts, his sister-in-law secretly came to my room and asked to sleep. I was happy but also shy because my penis had been erect for a while. Without knowing it, I was afraid she would find out. Finally, what I was afraid of came to pass, because the bed was too small, so she had to lie close next to me, which was why my arm hurt. She touched my penis. But she didn't hesitate at all and frankly asked me about my penis problem and if I wanted her help. Before I had time to answer, she proactively did it, and our secret affair officially began from here.